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How to order?​


Deliveroo: Select your meal and your barePack containers

Choose a partner vendor (a) and select your order from their Deliveroo menu (b). Remember to add the right number of barePack FlexBoxes and KindCups to suit your order (c).


barePack App: Confirm barePack membership with OTP from the barePack App


Find the vendor in the barePack App (a), tap the OTP button (b) to match the container needs to your online order (c) and hit confirm to generate your OTP. 

Not a member? No worries!


Just add the "barePack deposit"containers for non-members on Deliveroo. You will be charged a 6$ deposit per container and we will refund you once you drop them back at any partner restaurant.


Deliveroo: Provide the OTP to sync your request 


Paste the OTP in the "Order Notes"(3) of your Deliveroo order before you pay.

Member’s online orders sent without OTPs won't be processed, as Deliveroo cannot verify you as a member. If you cannot generate an OTP subscribe to a plan or choose the deposit option.

Online orders sent without OTPs won't be processed, as the vendor cannot verify you as a member. 

To return:

Drop off your barePack container(s) any time, at any partner restaurant.

Members can also arrange home-collection once they reach 5 barePack containers.

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