Members Terms of Use

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Terms updated Dec 30th, 2019.

All prices in SGD & include GST.

All barePack Containers remain the property of barePack at all times and are loaned to Members by the issuing Vendor on behalf of barePack.


Members agree to return Containers complete (includes lid and any other parts issued with them) to the network. Members must return containers to vendors who issue the same. A vendor who only serves drinks will not receive any boxes and vice-versa. Vendors will never issue an incomplete Container and it is the Member's responsibility to return complete.

Containers are not available for sale and will not be issued empty or in bulk. (An alternate license for corporates may be available for this - please contact barePack directly.)



barePack aims to recover all of its Containers. This is to protect our environment from pollution and wildlife from danger. For this reason, we take any lost Containers very seriously. 


Members must:  

  • treat Containers with kindness (and as much as possible, avoid using sharp utensils); and  

  • if at all possible, rinse Containers before dropping them off at a Vendor. 


Members must not:  

  • use Containers to transport anything other than their food/drink;  

  • wilfully damage the Containers in any way; 

  • or dispose of any Container (or any part thereof) even at recycling facilities.


Vendors may choose to reject returns of over 5 (each), cups or boxes. For bulk returns, please contact barePack directly at subject line "[Member email] - Bulk return", where Member email is your login email for your account.


Members must never dispose of any Container in any waste stream. When damaged, Containers must be returned to a Vendor in the network as per the usual Drop Off procedure. barePack monitors damaged returns and understands that with normal use Containers will show signs of wear over time. We do not charge Members for this natural evolution. This excludes any abuse of the containers which could be reported by the receiving Vendor as evidenced by the Drop Off time stamp and photo, and in which case barePack may exercise discretion on charging a penalty for misuse.

Membership Fees


Membership fees vary according to the plan chosen. Anyone with an active membership becomes a Member who can use the barePack service. 

Loss of containers


barePack aims to recover all of its containers to protect our environment from pollution and danger to wildlife. For this reason, we take seriously any loss of containers whether in part or in full. Members will be charged when they do not return a complete container. If the parts are lost, the Member agrees to report it to barePack as soon as possible via the app under the member profile or email. Incomplete container(s) must be returned to barePack at our office address. See full terms for details.


Once the item is declared lost and paid for, it is removed forever from our stock count. There is no return and refund possible.

Health and Safety


Containers are washed and rendered hygienic by the Vendor. They are responsible for the health and safety of their customers consuming their food and drink.

Members must not:  

  • reheat cooked foods/drinks in the Containers;  

  • leave food/drink in the Containers for an unreasonable amount of time; or  

  • use the Containers in an unsanitary way. 

Vendors may choose to reject returned containers that are moldy or which contain food or drink. Please empty and when possible rinse first.



Members may cancel at any time under the condition they have no outstanding fees for loss of containers. Members must submit the termination requests directly to barePack via email with the subject line "[Member email]  - Membership Termination Request" who will assess and refund if applicable. See full terms for details.

Please click here to see our Members Terms of Use in full.

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