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Singapore is the world leader in the use of food take-away and delivery (1) so it's no surprise that half a billion plastic disposable items like takeaway containers are wasted each year - that's even more than plastic bottles (2).

At barePack, we love to work with partners who want to help cut down on the amount of food packaging waste being created.

Deliveroo is one of them, and the restaurant food delivery specialist now offers our members and their customers the option to order their food in our reusable containers.

What’s my impact with barePack?

barePack's returnable container system not only leads to less unnecessary waste, but also enables a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to most commonly used disposable alternatives.

It is kinder for the planet, better for your food, and safer for your health.

How does it work?

Restaurants who support this initiative will have a “barePack” option at the top of their Deliveroo menu.

When customers place their order, they will then have the option to select "barePack" containers – FlexBox or KindCup – according to their order.

barePack is a membership-based service. Members can order their food in reusable containers for free on the Deliveroo menu upon entering a One-Time Password (OTP) provided by their barePack app.

For NON-MEMBERS, the reusable containers are available upon payment of a $6 deposit that will be refunded to you in full upon returning the container to any of the 70+ restaurants in the barePack network across the city. This will require downloading the barePack app and creating a visitor account. The deposit can also be used to activate a barePack membership allowing unlimited use.

How does this affect the delivery?

Restaurants will pack barePack’ed orders in returnable containers and deliver as per usual. Members must remember to confirm their OTP via the barePack App before confirming the order to guarantee a free service. In some instances (e.g. pizzas), your food will not suit that barePack container, and as such traditional disposables may be used.

Deliveroo processes and delivers the order as usual.

How can I return my FlexBox and KindCup?

All customers (members and non-members alike) must return the barePack containers in-store to any partner restaurant. Members can also request home-collection (via the app) once they’ve collected 5 barePack containers to return.

Non-members are asked to create a barePack visitors account in order to drop-off their container and initiate their refund. Once the container has been returned to any partner restaurant and verified against the Deliveroo order, the deposit will be fully refunded. The deposit can also be used to activate a barePack membership.

Riders are not able to return reusable containers to restaurants.

Our mission is to replace the millions of disposables used for F&B consumption every day. By returning their barePack container, customers are bringing us one step closer to creating a circular system to achieve our goal.

Which restaurants are partnering with barePack and Deliveroo?

barePack is available for takeaway at over 70 restaurants across Singapore. The below list the barePack restaurants that are available on Deliveroo.


What does it mean to be a barePack member?

barePack members subscribe to one of our plans ($3 a month for an annual plan or $5 for a month-by-month plan): the membership grants them unlimited barePack service, when ordering on Deliveroo or self-collecting a takeaway in-store, with no deposits or additional charges. Download the barePack app now to join.

Can I microwave the FlexboxFlex Box?

Yes, provided that you have removed the lid. Do NOT microwave the barePack KindCup.

Can I return my Flex Box or Kind Cup to the rider on my next order?

No because riders quickly head off for their next delivery. But barePack members can arrange a home collection once they have collected 5 barePack containers. Or you can simply drop off your containers at any partner restaurant (it’s better if you rinse them beforehand).

Can I be sure it is clean?

Yes! Just as they do with dine-in cups and plates, each barePack container is professionally washed by our partner restaurants following strict government regulation that applies to all dine-in crockery.


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