How-to bubble tea zero-waste

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

If there's one thing we know you finish right down to the very last pearl, it's bubble tea.

With at last 12 new shops that opened over the past year or so on this mighty small but mighty island (did that confused you?), it's undeniably a local favourite fix. But what about the plastic you leave behind?

We've sussed out how to make your very own zero-waste bubble tea cup...

How to DIY a bubble tea tumbler

We found this great gal doing some DIY so thought we'd intro with her, meet Jen.

The tutorial is for a simple tumbler but exactly the same method needed to make a bubble tea tumbler, to the difference that you should get a large metal or glass reusable straw, suitable for those pearls (see the list of materials below). You don't need grommets either! Instead, get a bit of food-safe plasticine to secure your straw if you can't get your hands on the right grommets.

What you need:

  • drill fitted

  • hole puncher (because the drill head is small)

  • regular- or wide-mouth canning jar metal lid (to match the jar itself)

  • rubber grommet — 14mm inner dimension to match the straw

  • plain or coloured mason jar of any size (depends on how much you can drink...OK, maybe downsize it!)

  • wide stainless or glass straw - 14mm is necessary for bubble tea

And since you now have a home tumbler, you're ready to take to the streets of Singapore. We left it to these guys at The Smart Local to advise on the best place to get yours. And in case you didn't know, the Taiwanese success Tiger Sugar is opening its third outlet this month! So get your tumbler ready!

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