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Get food delivered 
in reusables 

Singapore 1st and largest reusable packaging system

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Available on

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What We Do

We connect eco-conscious restaurants and food delivery platforms to

bring you convenient, earth-friendly meals in premium reusable packaging. 

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3 simple steps to stop feeding your trash bins

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1. Order

Opt-in for reusables barePack for your meals


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2. Receive

Enjoy your planet-friendly meals and reduce single-use packaing


3. Return

Drop-off 150+ outlets whenever you're ready.

No washing needed

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Why barePack?


Only delicous meals.

No extra diposable waste

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High quality containers

(No funky BPA, BPS)

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Protect Mother Earth from disposable pollution

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4.    Close the Loop

We challenge the "Take - Make - Waste" economy by forming a circular eco-system that support your daily choices. A place where waste does not exist.

Each barePack container can serve over 500 meals so you can stop waste before it happens, reduce the exhaustion of limited natural resouces.

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5.    BYO - and Smarter

Instead of carrying your bunky BYOs around, you now have access to reusable containers on demand at over 150+ participating partners for your TAKEAWAYS.

Then barePack items are available on online food delivery GrabFood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda to make sure you don't bring extra waste to your home doors

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In Singapore, 150 + participating partners have committed to save Mother Earth

Join 5000+ barePackers who choose to curb
single-use packaging waste

Start making a difference, reduce your waste and help the planet.

Download barePack App for iOS on App Store
Download barePack App for Android on Google Play
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