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A world where the reusable culture is the norm, for everyone, everywhere, creating a kinder community.



To put an end to disposables, replacing them with reusables that save our planet and future without compromising on convenience.



For planet

Using data to inform our every choice, respecting the planet.

For People

Striving to benefit every actor in the ecosystem.

What we stand for

We are on track to have more plastics in the ocean than fish by the year 2050

(– World Economic Forum). 


Pollution generated by food packaging has reached a critical point, where now it is a matter of choice: our convenience vs the destruction of our planet.  

Born from the frustration upon witnessing the abundance of disposable plastics consumed in Singapore, and the injustice felt having to choose between convenience and sustainability. barePack's practical day-to-day solution makes food online delivery sustainable, fights disposables and the over packaging waste culture, with a focus on education.

barePack aims to build a community where all stakeholders come together and create a movement to build a future where convenience and sustainability co-exist, where there is no waste to be generated at the beginning, and reduce the burden for recycling.

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Do you believe in the future of zero waste?

To have a strong impact today, we must be able to mobilize as many actors as possible to take action. At barePack, our vision is to break down all barriers to zero waste action.


Crowdfunding makes it possible to do this at the level of the shareholding of companies, and that's why we decided to open the capital of barePack to all those who wish it. There is no reason, moreover, that only the richest should benefit from the economic opportunity represented by the ecological transition.


Are you already barePack users or do you simply believe in the future of zero waste? Then you can become a barePack shareholder from just 100 euros!


barePack has already succeeded in bringing hundreds of restaurateurs to zero waste, giant platforms like Deliveroo, and thousands of individuals as well as their employers.


And we are very proud today to be among the first players in the circular economy to join the crowdfunding movement.

Why fundraising now?

We laid the foundation stone by creating the largest network in France in a few months. But to grow and really take market share from the disposable (our only real competitor with billions of packaging per year), we need more resources.


To expand our network of restaurants (which need containers to offer the barePack offer), and thus convert more players while offering more zero-waste choices to all our users.


Then, to improve our technological platform in order to make our users happy (the barePack app), make life easier for restaurateurs, and also be able to manage the thousands - and soon millions - of containers in circulation in the network.


We have a very clear roadmap of how our platform and our tech should evolve, but not yet all the resources to implement it.


Finally, and above all, to continue to build a strong and motivated team around the project by giving them the means to make a difference and change things in the long term.


Obviously, an investment in a startup like ours is not without risk, but unlike investing in other types of projects, with us at least you have the assurance that every euro spent will be directly put to contribution. to imagine and implement a profoundly positive change for our environment.


Thank you !

Valerian Fauvel Co-founder of barePack


Meet The Team

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Linh Le

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Co-founder & Chief Exploring Officer

Fascinated by circular economy and spending her time solve the over-packaging problem    


Nicolas Piffeteau

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Head of France

Expand reusable solutions barePack in France and all over Europe. 


Valerian Fauvel

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Connecting strategic partners toward a common goal: disrupt the single-use packaging industry  


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