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Fight a plastic planet and climate change

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Your opportunity to make visible actions towards sustainability.

Corporate Zero Waste 

Gift your employees with a barePack Corporate   Membership and become an actor in shifting mindsets away from the single-use behaviour through our Corporate Membership. Advocate quality, sustainability and employee care through our barePack Corporate Programmes. 

and make the shift towards a zero-waste mindset

Become a Corporate Member to...


your employees. Receive educational materials, app support and an introductory talk on the key points to understand zero-waste goals.


employee wellness. Benefit from our growing network of responsible vendors in the barePack Corporate Membership for the wellbeing of your employees.


your impact. Receive updates on how much waste you have diverted from incineration since joining the barePack Corporate Programme.


more sustainability goals. Enjoy premium services straight from your premises when you join a Corporate Programme.

Need more?   

We simplify your journey towards zero-waste with all the support you need.

In a consulting session we can provide action plans and support on anything from planning catering at your next event to recycling in the building. 

We offer bareTalks to empower staff. More than just every day tips, our talks share real in-depth knowledge of what sustainability means.