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It's great to be back in the office!

Reduce disposable waste and improve sustainable agenda

Reuse corners your colleagues will love

barePack is a returnable container ecosystem that enables your teams to enjoy takeaway, food delivery, and catering without disposable waste. We provide end-to-end services: Premium reusable packaging, return collection points inside your office, logistics, and washing (yes!).

Proud clients:


It's lunchtime!

Watch out for sneaky take-away packaging

Back to office 

or working from home, barePack is a solution for everyone

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barePack app saves your team time and effort to track and remind people to return reusable containers. 


barePack monthly impact data will help your sustainable manager to complete their ESG report.

Become a corporate clients and...

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your employees. Receive educational materials, app support and an introductory talk on the key points to understand zero-waste goals.

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employee wellness. Benefit from our growing network of responsible vendors in out network for the wellbeing of your employees.

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your impact. Receive updates on how much waste you have diverted from incineration since joining the barePack Corporate Programme.

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Enjoy premium services straight from your premises when you join a Corporate Programme such as green deliveries and on-site collection.

100,000 disposables

can be saved every year in an office of just 50 employees.

What difference could you make?

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