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Partner with barePack

Let's cut single-use packaging together


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Join 150+ participating restaurants that are pledge to reusable packaging!



barePackers discover and visit your outlets through barePack app.


barePackers order take-away and request reusable containers. They scan an unique QR code at your store and show success screens to your staffs


Your staffs verify the screen and pack barePack according to the request



Reusable barePacks are added to your online menu (GrabFood, Deliveroo, foodpanda, or any online menu).


barePack members opt-in for reusable directly on your online menu and using barePack app to book ahead. 


You receive receipts (from delivery platforms) with barePack indicated.

An SMS with detailed will be sent to you for verification.


Matching information from the receipts and the SMS. 

Pack in reusable barePacks! Hurray, you have saved disposable waste and make your customers double happy 


The beauty of this circular system is members will return reusable containers/cups at your restaurants or any of the participating partners.

In this way, containers are kept moving and circulating within the ecosystem, prevent waste before it happens.

Benefits of being a pioneer of sustainability

Cost Saving

It’s FREE for your business to join and use barePack containers.

There are no set-up costs and no sales commissions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are becoming more eco-conscious and informed.

They demand products and services that are better for the planet.

3-minute set up

A simple solution that plugs into your existing operations, without the need for new soft/hardware needed and zero interference with your sales.

Meet your sustainable goals

Sustainability isn't about a material replacement - there is no such thing as an eco-friendly disposable. We take a holistic approach.

Minimum effort - Maximum Impact

We are the largest integrating reusable solutions in the world

Automatically activate barePack packaging option for your online menus across all platforms

Double security with our OTP method

Weekly reports on your environmental impact

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delivery barepack foodpanda deliveroo gr
delivery barepack foodpanda deliveroo gr
delivery barepack foodpanda deliveroo gr
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Joining a movement of +140 businesses

What they have to say

We know there is no such thing as eco disposable packaging options but without services like barePack, we don't have alternatives to single-use. We can't wait for the day they have a reusable pizza box but until then our Deliveroo pasta orders are flying out to happy customers.

Spizza Singapore - Olivier Dyens, Owner

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