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Join us

Thank you for finding us all the way here. 

We are a team of 6 people with incredible stories, from 3 countries, operate in 3 countries, 2 continents with 7 different time zones. Due to travel restrictions, we have not met half of our team members in person. Embrace those constraints, we come together to solve the plastic pandemic with a sense of hummors. 

Building a company with a strong culture is the key to thrive. And we hope your values align with our culture. 

  • Passionate and Playful: This is who we are, whom we work with, how we like to work. Life is short and work should be fun ;)

  • Can-do attitude 💪 . “There must be a way” mentality.

  • Transparence: No political bullshit

  • Pragmatic: Identify problems quickly and come up with solutions

  • Recognize each other Strengths: We all have Strengths and Weaknesses. As a team, let’s embrace each other Strengths and empathy with other’s weaknesses. Make sure the team knows yours well so we can leverage and minimize them!

  • Fall Fast. Learn Fast. Repeat

  • Data-driven:  Our business and field are both new and complex. Opinions won't solve the problem, experience isn't the key factor of success. Relentless and humble testing, learning, analyzing will lead us to achieve our ultimate goal.

  • We're not just tech. Digital alone won't solve the problem. barePack is a blend of physical hardware, smooth operation with embedded technology. They are boxes, cups, dishwashers, food waste, bustling restaurants, and hardcore logistics.

  • Human-centric - always be in touch with our members, restaurant owners to serve them better

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