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Tree Planting Program 1st order : 1 tree

We give back when you 1st try us via foodpanda.

At barePack we believe that we can all have an impact. As part of our continuous striving to make food delivery and takeaway less taxing on the environment, we provide every one of our members' first orders on foodpanda with a tree donation.

Together we can accomplish more, which is why we have chosen the OneTreePlanted organization as our trusted partner in the reforestation of the forests of Indonesia. 

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Trees are an incredibly important part of life on Earth. The organization plants trees by working with a global network of partners who are knowledgeable about local ecology. As such, OneTreePlanted only plants local tree species, grown in nearby nurseries, and planted when conditions are optimal for tree survival. You can find out more about there at  

FAQ for 1st Order: 1 Tree Project

When will my trees be planted?
The time between your donation and the actual tree planting will vary depending on the region you have chosen and the time of year. Planting usually happens during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.

How do I know my trees are being planted?
OneTreePlanted works hard to keep you in the loop on how your donation is being used. When your planting session takes place, they will send you an update with photos and information provided by their reforestation partners. This will include details such as the tree species planted, expected survival rates,  community engagement, and ecological benefits. 

Terms & Conditions 

1st order: 1 Tree is available to:

  • barePack members who order in barePack reusable containers via foodpanda for the first time 

  • foodpanda members who order in barePack reusable containers for the first time

  • Orders must be made on foodpanda between February 16th to March 3rd 2021

What you receive:

  • an e-gift card for planting a tree

  • a personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your effort. 

  • updates on the tree planting projects by so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.

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