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5 Tips for a Green Office

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Did you miss Green Is The New Black’s article last month where we shared our tips on how to make the office more environmentally friendly? If not, it’s never too late to start good new year resolutions.

barePack at PwC
PwC employees can now use barePack at the cafe in the building as well as around town.

Top 5 ways to make your office green

1. Launch a green lunch challenge at your office 

Forego disposables altogether by bringing your own lunch box when you take out and subscribe to the barePack service that provides the reusable AVA and FDA approved containers for you when you forget to or couldn’t BYO! The barePack app lets you order a reusable cup or box when you need it instead of single-use across multiple locations in the CBD, and can track individual usage for some friendly competition within the office so you can plan a prize for the greenest team in the company. PwC Singapore is the first corporate to enable zero-waste takeaway for their employees thanks to their barePack corporate programme - fancy doing the same? Just write to us.

2. Promote sustainable meeting rooms

Single use water bottles are the ultimate wasteful commodity in Singapore where we have perfectly safe drinking water from the tap. Making a bottle of water could be up to six or seven times what's inside the bottle! Does that make any sense when water shortages are a real threat? Grab some water pitchers for every meeting room and some stainless steel cups, and say goodbye to the bins that only ever get filled with half-used bottles. You’ll save on bin liners, bottles, cut costs and simply switch housekeeping chores from throwing out rubbish to rinsing out a couple of glasses. And if you don’t like the taste of tap water, grab a water filter. 

3. Redesign the pantry 

It should be easy to see by now the connection between our waste and the environment, and it’s likely that your office still provides stirrers, coffee cups and packaged sandwiches at its coffee shop. Write a list of all the items that have disposable packaging and brainstorm what can be swapped for something reusable or at the very least recyclable. In order think: reduce - do we need this (stirrers, paper napkins), replace - ask yourself how long will it last and how is it made (cotton towels over virgin napkins) or can it serve multiple purposes (reusable pods for tea and coffee). 

4. Make a bag sharing tree 

It’s estimated that we consume 160,000 plastic bags every second worldwide. While it’s super easy to simply bring your own bag, it’s as easy to forget to have one handy when you need it! And yet, you’ve likely got an array of reusable bags from fairs, supermarkets and just about any event today trying to make a sustainable effort, all lying at home. Get everyone to bring them in, and create a dedicated bag sharing zone, either using a large storage box or a coat tree, so that there’s always a bag handy for when you leave the office. Just remember to bring them back and keep them clean for everyone to share. 

5. Organise a day on the field to connect the dots

At times it’s difficult to grasp the extent of our collective individual impact on the environment and to get colleagues onboard without a little face to face with reality. Coordinate a beach clean up with your colleagues and spend a day collecting plastic from our beaches for the message to hit home. According to the U.N Environment, 7 in 9 of most common plastic waste found in the environment are from takeaway and food packaging: plastic drinking bottles, caps and plastic lids, food wrappers, straws, stirrers and styrofoam takeaway containers, plastic bottles and cutlery. If you have a sporty team, plan a morning “plog”, meaning picking up trash while you jog.

What has your office done to up the green game at the office? Share with us!

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