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Ant Forest x National Cardboard Recycling Day

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Has been announced by Cainiao, Alibaba’s logistics arm

11.11 or Single's Day is shopping heaven and the time for impulse buys of mountains of discounted products, two-for-one and special offers that you never needed anyway. Hence the timely announcement that on the 20th this month the company will turn its 75,000 delivery outlets into recycling hubs. And what better way to engage customers than by rewarding them with bonus ‘green points’ in Alibaba’s Ant Forest sustainable living mini-program?    

Another example of China taking action and leaps rather than steps towards a green revolution. The country wants to put its bad "made in China" rep synonymous with cheap and low-quality products and unhealthy polluted cities, and we won't be surprised when they will be ahead of the rest of the world in implementing sustainable initiatives.

Don't believe me? FYI, in the past 2 years alone:

This is certainly one trend from China we can all expect to grow - and wish for ourselves! Start your journey today, you'll be amazed by the impact you can have on shaping tomorrow.

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