barePack x Deliveroo: Sustainable food delivery to the rescue

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

barePack partner with Deliveroo to enable more sustainable food delivery options!

We are delighted to announce that starting from tomorrow (Wednesday 7th October 2020), Deliveroo customers and barePack members can enjoy food delivered with greater respect for the environment.

We couldn’t make it happen without the participation of our early adopter restaurants such as SaladStop!, Fireless Kitchen and Real Food who have always believed in us. To all our amazing restaurants: thank you!

"This extension of our strategic partnership further confirms that our vision of a reusable network is not just a necessity, but the future of food to-go and delivery. We are proud to enable a reuse system with Deliveroo, supporting their goals towards reducing waste, and are equally grateful for their efforts in what must be the most challenging industry to implement waste management solutions. The progress we are making is nothing short of remarkable and we have Deliveroo and of course, all of the partnering restaurants to thank" - Roxane, co-founder and CEO of barePack.

Press release:

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