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barePack x foodpanda - Start 2021 Right!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

barePack and foodpanda Singapore want you to start 2021 on the right food

barePack and foodpanda hit 2021 with a fresh initiative
barePack and foodpanda hit 2021 with a fresh initiative

Singapore-based start-up barePack has announced its new initiative with foodpanda Singapore, rewarding customers who order barePack for the first time on the foodpanda platform. Customers who opt for their orders to be delivered or picked up in a barePack container in replacement of single-use packaging for the first time between 4 to 17 January 2020 will be credited $5 back*.

foodpanda joined barePack's system back in early 2020 - the very first food delivery platform in Asia to offer reusables on a membership basis without deposit payments.

After downloading the barePack App and creating a barePack account, customers can select from barePack's reusable boxes and cups - FlexBox or KindCup - when placing their food orders via foodpanda - at no extra charge! A barePack container is a much eco-friendlier alternative to the usual disposable packaging, as they are 90% less carbon-intensive than the average plastic disposable it replaces. Even paper and supposedly eco-friendly packaging have a higher footprint as the resource is wasted at the end of life. By reducing our single-use consumption and waste, we are actively helping to curb global warming and its consequent climate change.

barePack partners can be found by filtering the results under "barePack" in the search option. Customers who become members will be able to choose up to 5 containers to fulfill their order. Before checking out, customers will need to enter a One-Time Password (OTP) generated from their barePack app under “Special Instructions”. They're kindly reminded to also opt-out of disposable cutlery by not opting in for cutlery during checkout on the foodpanda platform. After enjoying their meal, barePack users can return to any of the +120 participating restaurants of the barePack network that spans city-wide.

Single-use waste, in particular to plastic, is a global crisis. By only working together, collaborate with relevant stakeholders to create a convenient reusable packaging system for end consumers, we would be able to disrupt this billion-dollar industry. - Roxane Uzureau, Co-Founder of barePack.
Climate change is a multifaceted situation and we’ll need everyone to chip in in order for us to make an actual impact. With strong partnerships, we hope to empower users to choose to reuse conveniently - Vanessa Lim, Sustainability Manager, foodpanda Singapore.

Download the app and start to START THE YEAR RIGHT today! Happy New Year everyone!

How it works in short:

Duration: valid for orders made from 4th January 2021 until 17th January 2021.


  • Applicable for first-time users of barePack reusables for orders made on foodpanda website/app.

  • $5 credit will be credited on the 1st week of February 2021 to your foodpanda account.

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