FDA approves OceanBound Plastics

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Envision Plastics was the first to receive the FDA's approval for food packaging.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this year gave the green light to Envision Plastics for use of the company’s OceanBound plastic in food packaging. The FDA's letter of non-objection to the company's post-consumer resin stated that OceanBound Plastic met suitability criteria for food packaging, even for contents as high as 100% in recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) packaging.

Cleaner oceans start by preventing plastics from entering them in the first place. Being able to recycle that plastic is even better. That’s the concept driving OceanBound Plastics. We take material at-risk of becoming ocean pollution and turn it into a reliable plastic resin. Combining our supply chain experience with technical expertise, we create a versatile product that can be used in virtually any application where HDPE is preferred. Every pound of OceanBound Plastic is potential pollution transformed into a recyclable resource.

Envision's goal is to gain access to waste plastic before it has a chance of entering our oceans where it not only becomes a threat to wildlife but also significantly deteriorates while exposed to UV rays and the aquatic environment. In order to do so, in 2017 Envision started partnering with local communities in and around areas with higher rates of ocean trash as defined by scientific research on areas most likely to generate land-based marine pollution. This approach is preferable to collecting ocean plastics, which have become popular through beach cleans worldwide. While the have educational and awareness-generating significance, they do not collect quality recyclable materials in sufficient volumes nor in a reliable manner, which in term lessens incentives to collect.

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