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Introducing the new barepack app!

We're glad to announce the release of our new barePack App on IOS & Android! We've taken in all your feedback and completely revamped the application's look. You can now seamlessly click & easily flow through all essential features, such as eateries, order history and personal information.

We can guarantee you'll now need fewer clicks to select your packaging and order!

How does the order process work?

#1 Select the restaurant of your choice on the application.

#2 Choose how many cups and containers you'd like to borrow.

#3 Confirm by clicking "Request barePack".

#4 "Your code" will automatically appear on the screen.

If you're ordering for take-away:

#5a Show a staff member your code

#5b And wait to collect your delicious, zero-waste packaging: yum!

If you're ordering with a partner delivery service:

#5a Copy the code and select the delivery platform of your choice

#5b Order as usual, opt-in for barePack and paste your code in the "Special Note/ Instructions" tab

#5c And wait for your meal to be delivered

Your sustainably packaged order will be delivered to your door: bon appétit!

As always, we're all ears for any feedback & suggestions our barePackers may have 🍱

We hope you enjoy our new app & don't miss the bitter aftertaste of food packaging waste!

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