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Local Sustainability Programmes for Green SG Food Establishments

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Where to find support for an environmentally conscious food establishment

The growing efforts to bring sustainability to the food industry in Singapore. In all honesty, Singapore has had a slow start in terms of sustainable restaurant establishments and consumer behaviour, but can you believe that some have been leading the movement towards reuse for nearly a decade? Here’s a list of top movement pioneers and new champions below that you can look out for or join if you’re a restaurant, café, or food establishment.

BYO singapore logo on the barePack website

Local charity and non-governmental organisation Zero Waste SG are on a mission to educate on zero waste - notably around disposables, among other areas including food waste. Incorporated in 2015, they’ve actually maintained a resource blog since way back in 2008! Under the BYO Singapore umbrella, ZWSG also runs its flagship campaigns such as Bring Your Own Bag and Bring Your Own Container. From the initial 430 retail outlets that participated in the campaign to encourage customers to bring their own containers, as of September last year over 1000 outlets are now participating in the movement. And of course, barePack is an official BYO member.

As a retailer encouraging BYO and barePack, you can reach out to them to join their list and download their resources to share with your customers.

The SEC Singapore Environment council logo

If you’re looking for a certification of your F&B business, then the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) provides access to the SEC Eco F&B certification to food establishments that meet the required standards. Already, over 50 restaurants, eateries, cafeterias, and other food establishments have been green certified (SEC data). Their programme focuses on assessing the environmental management system of food establishments, using their expertise to help facilitate the adoption of better practices, covering air quality, water, energy, and waste management policies. As part of the latter, barePack is listed among the criteria for a sustainable food establishment.

Contact them to register for the certification or to know more.

logo of BYO Bottle Singapore encourages reuse of personal bottles

BYO (Bring Your Own) Bottle SG is a ground-up initiative on a mission to reduce the wastage of single-use plastics in Singapore. Since 2018, the movement has collaborated with over 25 brands & organisations, and reached out to close to 10,000 people (BYOBottle data). The most impressive part? It took just one individual, a determined student named Kate, to kickstart an initiative with the hopes of sharing her concern and encouraging the nation to choose to reside -if that’s not proof that we all have the power to make a difference, I don’t know what is!

Look out for the BYO Bottle Singapore stickers that encourage reuse of personal bottles
Photo Credit: BYO Bottle Singapore | Look out for the stickers encouraging reuse!