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A membership for the planet

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Get your next plant-based meal on us

We're just back from the Virtual Conscious Festival and we loved the food so much that we decided to share it with you!

We are here to offer all new annual members a meal on us from Taste of Kult. How to redeem:

  1. Download the barePack App  Pick the annual plan & follow the sign-up instructions. Email us at with the email address you used. 

  2. Receive your 🎫  to redeem at Taste of Kult Valid for 1 month, pick any meal. New menu every week!  

  3. Get delivered in barePack 🤩! Taste of Kult will deliver your chosen meal in barePack

Taste of Kult restaurant offers Asian-fusion dishes that are organic, wholesome, and made 100% from scratch using only fresh ingredients. They believe in a plant-based diet for our health and that of the planet. Island-wide delivery ordering via WhatsApp.

Discover home-cooked heaven

Here's an example of a previous menu, to get you salivating!

  • Vietnamese lemongrass encrusted organic tempeh, rice noodle salad with fresh mango, capsicum, sprouts, and house dressing.

  • Golden yellow dhal with a hint of fenugreek, moringa stir fry, cumin rice, and fresh flatbread.

  • Sri Lankan banana leaf platter of coconut turmeric rice, green jackfruit curry, creamy eggplant, green mango curry, and fried banana flower

  • Balinese mixed medley sweet potato, potato, steamed beans, sprouts, organic house tofu, blanched greens, and house peanut sauce.

Redeem your meal today!

Click here for iOS. Click here for Android

Limited quantity, first 50 new annual members only.

Already have a monthly membership and want to get the deal? Write in to upgrade.

Enjoy your delicious and Earth-friendly meal!

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