The COVID playbook for the eco-friendly restaurant 🌎

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

With PM Lee’s announcement of the long-awaited Phase 3, you can finally let the holiday festivities begin. Expect larger crowds celebrating in your fine establishments, as friends and families will now be allowed to gather in groups of 8 from the 28th of December, just after Christmas. However, we should still remain vigilant in limiting the spread.

Here are 4 simple tips that can help you tackle COVID in the barePack approved, eco-friendly way!

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The covid playbook for eco-friendly restaurants barePack
The covid playbook for eco-friendly restaurants

1. Wipeout the wipes

Did you know, according to waterUK, the unassuming wet wipe makes up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages in the UK? They contain plastic and even versions that are labeled as “flushable”, will clog up drains and oceans. Over the past few months, many patrons have opted for antiseptic wipes to disinfect their hands and tabletops when dining-in at restaurants. You can help them cut down on the usage of wipes by offering sanitiser dispensers at each table or even on queue poles along the entrance instead. We recommend refilling stations instead of buying new units every time. It’s also cheaper.

2. Wash, wash, wash the pesky virus away 👏🏼💧

On the authority of Associate Professor Piotr Chlebicki, Senior Consultant from the Department of Infectious Disease at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), frequently and properly washing your hands remains the most effective protection against infection. Maintaining proper hand hygiene is crucial, and with simple reminders like turning off the tap while lathering, it does not have to be too taxing on resources.

Humans learn visually, so to help you with this, we are giving you the below illustrations to print for FREE! You can place them at tables and in washrooms.

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3. Digitalisation

Many restaurants have already switched to digital menus to reduce the number of shared surfaces in a bid to limit the spread. They have found great success in having patrons order from their mobiles with a scan of a QR code. Beyond granting patrons a greater peace of mind, restaurants are also able to use the same online platform to gain valuable comments and ratings on customer experience.

Restaurants can also optimise their resources by connecting the menu to their website for instant purchase and a faster service. It also avoids mistakes when taking orders or between the waiters and the kitchen.

This signals a positive transition to a paperless dining experience that is better for the restaurant, their customers, and mother earth!

4. Mask holders instead of plastic bags

We understand that you always want to go above and beyond to provide your patrons with the best service experience. However, providing disposable plastic and paper bags to keep their masks may not be the most environmentally friendly way to do things.

Consider providing reusable mask holders instead. It could be individual hooks for each guest under the table, which double up as bag holders, or storage containers that can be easily sanitised. This lets your patrons store away their mask safely without generating too much waste.

Feeling overwhelmed by our tips, or like you are not doing enough?

Fret not, for by being a partner with us, you are already doing a great deal by providing non-disposable alternatives for takeaway or delivery options.

Even “eco friendly” disposables are wasteful as we analysed here. Did you know during the two-month circuit breaker, Singaporean households generated an extra 1334 tonnes, or the equivalent of 90 double deckers, of plastic waste from take-away and food deliveries.

The barePack team thanks you for helping us save in under 3 months over 1000 containers!

Not one of our partners yet?

What if there was a service that was not only better for the environment but also nicer on your wallet? barePacks offers a cheaper, more sustainable solution to single-use food packaging. Not only that, but with delivery partners such as Grab, Deliveroo, and foodpanda, your customers will never have to make the choice between sustainability and convenience ever again!

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Tackling COVID safely and sustainably doesn’t have to be complicated. What did you think of the tips we shared above? Have you already implemented them? Have any other tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments down below!


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