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Top 10 Sustainable Christmas gifts for everyone

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We’ve got you covered with a list of conscious gifts to suit everyone this Christmas.

With Christmas in just a little over a month, you might be already planning that Christmas gift list. Physical presents, but we can reconsider the kind of gifts we make by taking into consideration their impact on the environment and communities. If nothing else, 2020 has taught us that time spent outdoors and with the people we love is valuable, precious, and fragile. We have all been made to feel more vulnerable and self-aware of how our lives are woven with how we treat our environment. So if you have never considered changing up Christmas traditions such as gift-giving before today but feel like something someone inside you is calling for a change, let us guide you with our top 10 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.


Zaobao Lifestyle featured barePack in their Sustainable Gift Guide. 谢谢您!


Eco-gift idea #10, best for the beauty queen or king: "naked" beauty

Lush beauty Furoshiki gift giving
Photo Credit: LUSH

There are tons of beauty products flooding the market that are vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free.. and yes those are all important, but reducing our packaging waste (as you know, dear barePacker!) is important for our health too. Fortunately, many brands have looked at package-free versions in bar form or to refill. Places like Scoop and The Source have refill stations, so you can fill a pretty bottle and attach a hand-penned label, use some twine, and voilà. Alternatively, compile a set of colourful soaps to mix and match at Lush and embrace the art of furoshiki to save on using a box.

Eco-gift idea #9, best for your arty friend: hands-on creative experience Center Pottery class, 3 Arts Singapore
Credit: Center Pottery - 3 Arts

We've maybe had more time at home, but a lot of us are feeling the unwelcome bad tendency of the blurring lines and boundaries between work and personal life - both in space and time. Indeed, the home office we almost all have (even a makeshift one with the dining table or dresser as our desk) doesn't allow us to easily transition out of work-mode and into relaxation. So get out, and find some creative hobbies you can only do outside. Classes are a great gift for couples who can go together, or a friend whom you know would go with you (great excuse to gift yourself). Try your hand at pottery or soap making. And if you’re looking for artworks to gift check out Refind’s collection of repurposed glass, locally made!

Eco-gift idea #8, for the sporty ones (or kids): a taste of the thrill

wake park singapore
Credit: Wake Park

Why not? This is great for kids too, and to switch up some of the usual sports activities they do with something a little more daring. While Singapore might not sound like the destination for extreme sports, you can book a class of wakeboarding, scuba-diving, and even flying. Best for siblings who can tire themselves out while the parents watch and get some time to themselves. Talking of which...

Eco-gift idea #7, best for couples: Aromatherapy workshop