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barePack is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Just Dabao (https://justdabao.com/) one of the most dedicated teams with a mission of solving surplus food waste in Singapore. With the sets of goals in common, barePack and JustDabao will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide more values for our customers.

Just Dabao is a newly-established social enterprise working towards reducing food wastage in Singapore. With the vision to remodel sustainability as people’s first choice without compromising on their lifestyle, Just Dabao aims to redistribute unsold surplus food by connecting last-minute consumers and eateries.

What does that mean for barePackers

Now you can triple your positive impact by being part of our collaboration. uWith our new partnership with Just Dabao, barePackers get to enjoy the 4S.

  1. Save delicious food

Every day, eateries are forced to throw out their surplus food because they were unsold. What’s more disheartening is that this food is perfectly edible and delicious.

There are many such instances. A bakery owner who makes fresh pastries daily has to throw away delicious unsold pastries to make room for the next batch. Wrong orders due to human error. The closing hour is up, there goes the food into the bin.

  1. Save single-use packaging

Takeaway or delivery in single-use packaging is no stranger to us, especially in these times of the pandemic where many of us have the preference of staying indoors. While consumers can still enjoy their takeaways at the comfort of their space, this can be done so in a more sustainable manner. No longer placed in the dilemma of having to choose between convenience and sustainability, barePackers can be a part of the solution in cutting down on single-use packaging.

  1. Save resources and emissions

Before the food reaches consumers’ plates, it goes through 5 stages of the supply chain: Agricultural Production, Processing, Storage, Transportation, and Retail F&B. At every stage along the supply chain, large amounts of greenhouse gases emission are generated. Despite the number of resources devoted to food production, food continues to go to waste where a little island like Singapore generates about 9 million kg of that food waste. This food waste is primarily generated from unsold food that eateries throw away. Essentially, this food goes straight from farm to trash - a total waste of resources and unnecessary emissions.

  1. Save extra dollars

Being able to enjoy the same delicious meal at a lower price, what’s there not to love? With a cumulative of three meals a day, the savings that barePackers stand to enjoy goes a long way. A bang for your buck!

How does it work?

All orders will be placed on Just Dabao. For barePackers, all you have to do is;

  1. Search for "barePack" on the search bar.

  2. Opt for barePack while selecting the packaging option.

  3. Upon completion of the order, you will receive an SMS confirmation from the Just Dabao team.

  4. Head down to your selected restaurant to pick up your delicious meal in our FlexBox!

Just Dabao and barePack is now available for take-away only

To learn more, please check FAQ

There are currently 5 restaurants offering both barePack and Just Dabao. Be a part of our eco-world where the food served by yours truly awaits to be rescued.

List of 5 restaurants

1. Heybo

2. The Salad Shop

3. Kimchi Bubz

4. Cookiez & Treatz

5. Temptations Cakes

Jennifer Widjaja from Just Dabao: “This is the perfect partnership because many of our customers have requested us to partner with barePack. I couldn't be happier that we have finally made it happen! Our mission, cause, and customers align perfectly with them, so it was only natural that we work together to achieve the zero waste mission.”

Linh Le - Product Manager at barePack: “We are very excited to be working with Just DaBao. The team is very driven by their clear mission of rescuing delicious food. With our collective beliefs in sustainable growth, this partnership has strengthened our message to both barePackers and restaurants - “We can both have delicious food conveniently without destroying our Mother Earth.”

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