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World's 1st Zero-waste flight

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's zero-waste man!

Proof that if we can fly the skies without disposables, surely we can do so on group too?

This year, Australian airline Qantas made a mark in history as the first no-waste commercial flight. The statistics below are just a fraction of what it would mean for all flights to change their logistics in favour of zero-waste. The Adelaide bound QF737 service left from Sydney produced zero landfill waste as part of a larger company-wide commitment to cut 100 million single-use plastics by the end of 2020, and reduce waste by 75% by the end of 2021. While long-haul flights pose different challenges, at least domestic and short flights could follow the example using only reusable, recyclable or compostable products.

This month Qantas revealed photos of the zero-waste flight's actual waste, because we all know that images speak louder than words.

In all, an estimated one thousand single-use plastic items were substituted with sustainable alternatives, such as sugar cane containers or crop starch cutlery, while some were altogether removed, including "individually-packaged servings of milk and Vegemite," Qantas said in a statement.

A circular, sustainable economy is not going to be achieved over night, but bit by bit we figure out the pieces and put the new puzzle of how our future societies and economies could, or indeed should, work.

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