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Zerowaste Halloween foods

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

It's always hard to resist the plethora of ready-made sweets and snacks around the most sugar-intensive event of Autumn!

So we found some of the best snack and party food ideas on the web that you can make in a flash to avoid all that Halloween marketing plastic. And if you're going to takeaway, remember that barePack is now at $0.99 so you can all slay waste away - get the app for iOS and Android.

The easy Banana Ghosts

halloween banana healthy qhost zero waste - White chocolate banana ghosts

Pretty self-explanatory these ones, chop a banana in half to make two ghosts and use chocolate drops or melted chocolate for the mouth and eyes. You can also cover them in chocolate. Found on Krolls Korner in case you needed the how-to and you can switch the candy eyes for little raisins or chocolate drops.

Finally, you can take it a step further with a couple of mummies in the mix, and swapping the white chocolate for some frozen yoghurt. These ones were found on the Ocado blog: banana ghosts and mummies

more easy fruit treats

zero waste halloween tangerine pumpkin singapore
Bren Did - Tangerine pumpkins - Apple mummies

Who would have thought to combine celery and tangerines for Halloween? It couldn't get simpler than this, two ingredients and a little peeling and voilà!

Apple Mummies are another easy cheat that only requires a little chocolate and a fruit peeler! These adorable Apple Mummies are another healthier alternative to all the candies and perfect for spooktacular fruit trays, or a fun October after-school nibble!


These dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies are dark as the night and a perfect backdrop for the fruity healthy snacks above. Triple chocolate goodness, with dark cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips and chocolate candies. You can find the recipe on Simply Happy Food. - dark chocolate cookies

Devil's Guac Eggs

Because we might be running on a sugar high very soon, we're popping in an idea for entrées and savoury finger foods that are full of great fats and protein. You can find the recipe on Cookincanuck.

Devilish avocado eggs

The vegan option: Deviled Purple Potatoes

Devilled eggs are often a party favorite but not vegan-friendly and we need to be mindful and respectful of others'diets, especially when they are more environmentally sustainable! Try these purple potatoes instead, which provide the natural color and a creamy tofu crumble fills the center. Get the recipe on Veggies Save The Day.

Vegan mushroom eyeballs

These might take a little more prep work but they sure have an impressive kick for a bunch of vegetables! Any round mushroom could do the trick, provided they are fairly large and have a good stalk to pull out. You'll also need extra-firm tofu, garlic and onion powder (optional), sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. Recipe from Veganyackattack. - stuffed mushroom eyeballs

Friendly Halloween veggies

Pure veggies, nothing spooky or secret about them! But the cute little shapes will be all it takes to make them a favourite. A fun exercise to spend in the kitchen with friends and family too. Found these smiley guys on Live Eat Learn.

Live Eat Learn - Halloween roasted veggies

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