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    Send a barePack annual card for a belated Christmas or for a meaningful year-long gift to start 2021 the right way! What better gift than that of helping your friends and loved ones take care of their health and the planet?


    Once purchased, we will send a unique gift-card with a one-time code to the person of your choice who will get access to a year of barePack membership from you! Gift cards are delivered to the recipient by email and contain instructions to how to redeem. Redeemable by new customers only.


    Please provide the recipient's name and email, and the date on which you would like us to email them. If you would like to make payment via PAYNOW, please use this UEN : No.:201900512D (or scan the QR code) and contact us via chat with the details for us to prepare the gift card. Thank you.






    还有什么比帮助您的朋友和亲人照顾他们的健康和地球更好的礼物呢?一旦购买,我们将向您选择的人发送一张带有一次性代码的独特礼品卡,他将从您那里获得一年的BAREPACK会员资格! 礼品卡将通过电子邮件发送给收件人,并附有兑换说明。仅限新客户兑换。


    请提供收件人的姓名和电子邮件,以及您希望我们通过电子邮件发送的日期。如果您想通过PAYNOW付款,请使用此UEN : No.:201900512D,并通过聊天与我们联系,提供详细资料,以便我们准备礼品卡。



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    • How it works - 说明

      Please provide the email address + recipient name, and the date at which you would like us to email the digital gift card.

      The recipient will be asked to download the barePack App to redeem the membership directly when they create their barePack account. This is not a physical gift, no gift card will be send by postal mail.

      Gift cards are non-exchangeable for cash or other gifts. 



      收件人在创建BAREPACK账户时,会被要求下载BAREPACK App直接兑换会员。 这不是实物礼品,不会通过邮寄方式发送礼品卡。


    • Terms & Conditions - 条款和条件

      For new members usage only. The recipient must be a new barePack customer who does not have a membership.

      No refunds will be applied if the recipient has a membership. The voucher code is valid only once, and barePack is not responsible for misuse of the voucher code. Once redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again.


      仅供新会员使用。收件人必须是没有会员资格的新 barePack 客户。


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