Best practice virus containment & us.

barePack supports Covid-19 containment measures to keep everyone safe.

COVID-19 contagion considerations:


To reduce the risk of contamination nation-wide, several measures have been communicated to all F&B establishments. Notably, (Updated) Implementing Safe Distancing Measures at Food & Beverage (F&B) Establishments:


In line with this announcement, Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Housing & Development Board (HDB), National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have drawn up safe distancing measures for food and beverage (F&B) establishments that remain open for takeaway and/or delivery only. F&B outlets that remain open must adhere to enhanced safe distancing measures in their premises, and minimise crowds by ensuring patrons are spaced at least 1 metre apart at all times (i.e. within the premise and when queuing). 

A summary of measures that apply to F&B can be found on the STB website here. 

SFA's hygiene updated practices can be found here.   

Please visit for updates. 

barePack supports these measures, and while they evolve regularly, it's certain that if you are sick, feeling unwell, you should not be in a cafe or restaurant in the first place

Our response:


barePack believes together we can take the right measures to get through this. 

F&B businesses have protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of their customers being served food and drinks, complying with regulations with respect to dine-in crockery and utensils handling. barePack containers are handled the same way. 

In light of COVID-19, the internal workflow of collecting dine-in crockery and returnable barePack containers needs to be executed safely, and we trust our partner vendors to do so. We acknowledge that front-end food-handling staff receiving reusable containers one by one (whether they are personal BYO containers or barePack containers) is where the potential risk lies.

barePack containers can be handled in exactly the same way as crockery plates and cups, with the added protection of returned cups being collected away from the servery, and being batch processed with the used crockery.

Unlike BYO where the staff behind the counter handling food is in direct contact with personal boxes and cups, food preparation and serving staff only handle clean and sanitised barePack containers. 

The barePack Covid-19 preparedness handling protocol until further notice by health authorities:

  1. Vendors issue clean containers as normal. Each purchase for a barePack takeaway will be issued in a new, sanitised one. Vendors are encouraged to not swap over the counter.

  2. Vendors are encouraged to set up a container or box away from the servery or have maintenance staff available, where customers should return all containers. A printable poster to attach to the box can be downloaded here

  3. Process containers as per standard vendor health and safety processes, and in line with applicable regulations.

  4. Sanitised containers without defects are put back into circulation as normal.



barePack is committed to working with our vendors to make our service safe for all. 

Updated May 3rd 2020.


Download the poster in A4. 

Download the poster in A5. 

 Implement temperature screening and health declaration measures for diners, as well as turn away those who are unwell.


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